the travelling builder Welcome to Travelling Builder
This website is about "how to make" woodworking projects inspired from structures, gadgets, or items of outside furniture, that I encounter on my travels. I also give a mention about the places from where the project ideas originate.
Basically, when I travel and see some sort of structure I like, I make it (or something similar) and write about it.
I hope you enjoy some of the stuff in this site.
Les Kenny
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Projects I've made
'How to make' Projects. The projects include outside furniture and other structures based loosely on models I've seen in various places around the world. The List >>
Places that inspired the projects
The places go hand in hand with the projects. Wherever there is an idea for a project, there is also a place, and usually a place worth mentioning. The List >>
Structures and Places
These are articles about structures such as castles, bridges, interesting buildings etc. and the places that house them. The List >>
Old Style Bench
The inspiration for this project came from an old bench I spotted in the Melbourne Zoo, whilst on a visit to Australia. More >>
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